Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where's the beef?

I admit it, I don't really eat red meat that much. I like chicken. And turkey. When we go to the BBQ restaurant I order turkey, not ribs or brisket but TURKEY! Okay, maybe sometimes I like a half chicken. I don't even like to use and eat ground meat. I use ground turkey.This is huge for me, making beef in my kitchen. Hasn't happened in years.

Now you know my big secret. One my mother would fall over from. She loves a good steak and growing up, we always had beef for dinner. Have I forgotten I live in Texas??
Okay back to the recipe at hand. I forgot to buy soy sauce at the store this past week so we used a boxed noodle kit. Don't laugh or chide. I was tired and apparently meal planning is still too new for me. Gotta try harder next week. :)
I even took a picture of the box. Dedication right there. :)
Bike Boy did all the cooking on this one. :) Love him, taking over my kitchen. So I played with food shots. I'm still trying to learn how to take pictures of food.

It was very good, Bike Boy finished his serving in record time. Me, I had to adjust to eating beef and the weirdness of rice noodles. Change is hard.

Gonna go call my mom and make sure she didn't keel over when I wrote my beef confession.

See ya later for tonight's happenings! Pulled Pork sandwiches. Mmmm...yummy.

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