Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ideas Needed

I have been baking like crazy for our holiday party this weekend. And unfortunately, some of it has not been successful. :( On the bright side, Bike Boy has been enjoying all the experimental cookies. I won't let him take the broken cookies to work. I do have a reputation to uphold. :-)

I bought this Christmas themed Wilton cookie pan and thought it would help me make beautiful sugar cookies without the hassles of rolling out the dough and cutting by hand. The cookies are breaking and sticking so much that it is nearly impossible to get them out of the pan. I am greasing the pan with cooking spray and letting them cool in the pan but nothing is working. Does anyone in blogland have this cookie sheet and can give me some tips? Should I be using a shortbread recipe with this type of baking sheet?

Recipes or tips, anyone? Thanks for any and all help you can provide! I'll be sharing more cookie and holiday party pics later this week.


  1. Unfortunatly I don't have this pan, but have you tried to grease with oil and dust some flour?
    I hope you can find a solution and make cute cookies for Holidays!

  2. Hmm, I will definitely have to try that and see what happens. This pan is so cute and I want to use it but it is one of those things that I guess you need to learn how to use properly. :-)

  3. I looked this pan up on Amazon to see what others said and several of them said they spray the sheet with PAM and the cookies come out easily that way.

  4. That's the brand I used, Lisa. I wonder if I should use the cooking spray with flour (the Pam especially for baking) so they cookies slide out easier.

    Oh it could be that my dough is too sticky. Hmm...

  5. i have a similar pan which i havent tried yet, was wondering if you had figured out a way to not have the cookies break or stick.

    please email me



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