Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Royal Icing Daffodils

As part of my Wilton Course Two, I got to practice and make some flowers out of royal icing. One of the flowers I really enjoyed making were the daffodils. Such pretty vibrant yellow color and once you get the hang of the 45 degree angle needed to make the petals, pretty easy to make as well.

I hope you enjoy reading about the flowers and how to make them. :) I tried to be as concise as possible.

Items Needed:
  • Royal Icing colored yellow
  • Flower Nail with Daffodil sticker like the one on the bottom right.

  • Damp Towel or Dusting Pouch filled with cornstarch
  • Piping or Parchment Bag with Coupler and tip 104.
  • Tips 1 and 3
  • Wave Flower Former (optional)

  • Fill a bag with yellow royal icing.
  • Position the tip with the wide end of the tip lightly touching the center of the nail.
  • The narrow end of the tip is pointing out and is at a 45 degree angle.
  • Using steady pressure, move tip along the the dotted line of the template out to the edge of the nail as your turn the nail slightly, about a 1/8" rotation.
  • Relax your pressure as you move the tip back to the center (your starting point). Stop the pressure and lift the tip away. 
  • The first three petals should cover half of the flower nail.
  • Repeat to make a total of 6 petals. 
  • Let the petals sit for 15 seconds and then begin the process of pinch the edges of the petals. Make sure to wet your fingers before pinching the edges. You could also dust your fingers with cornstarch as well before pinching.
  • Pipe a tip 3 dot in the center of the flower. Move your hand in a circular motion creating a circle. Make sure the base is narrower than the top. 
  • Add a zig zag to the top of the coil with a tip 1. 
  • Let dry overnight. You can place it in the Wave Flower Former to create dimension with the flowers.

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